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Helping You Reach Your Goals



Ryan has been working on a project about Alaskan Caribou and their shift in migratory patterns in times of rapid climate change. He realized that the way that the caribou adapt, overcome, and show resilience is something from which, all of us can learn. Ryan understands the value of human connection in cultivating resilience and conveys this message to businesses and organizations through motivational speaking. By studying the climate-vulnerable ecosystems and communities, Ryan has developed an unusual window into adaptation and resilience. The importance of these concepts can be learned through Resile - a story of caribou in a changing climate. Ryan uses energy, humor, and exciting anecdotes from the frontlines of climbing, climate science, filmmaking, and parenting to pass on approaches for reframing challenges into the essential ingredients for achievement.



Awaken your team to the power of narrative to meet strategic goals, maintain performance in adversity, and rediscover purpose.


Ryan teaches capacity building workshops developed from proven techniques in disaster preparedness, elite-athlete training and lessons learned from the harshest environments on the planet. 



Resilience workshops expose teams to practical strategies, and passes-on tools that prepare individuals and organizations for the inevitable challenges of going big.​​​

​"Resilience is like a muscle - You can train it."

- Ryan  

Reach out for more information on our 1 and 4-hour workshops.

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