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Public Speaker

Ryan is an accomplished keynote speaker, focusing on techniques for reframing challenges to manifest success.

Climate Scientist

Ryan Vachon earned his Ph.D. in climate science and geochemistry in 2006.  For 15 years Ryan traveled to Greenland, Alaska, the Andes, and the Himalayas researching changing climate. In addition, Ryan is a Research Affiliate at The University of Colorado's Center for Science and Technology Policy Research where he is also an invited lecturer.

 Elite Climber

Ryan is an elite climber.  Expeditions have brought him to the high peaks of Alaska, the Andes, and the Himalayas. His specialty lies in highly technical ice and rock routes. He is sponsored by Rab, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and Camp. He has twice won, and once placed second in the prestigious Mixed Elite Climbing Competition at the Ouray Ice Festival.

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Media Producer

​​Ryan is a media producer for Provare Media and has done additional work with Earth Initiatives. His footage has been incorporated into dozens of documentaries and has been broadcast on Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, History, and Science Channels. 
His recent work as the producer, director, and writer of "Adventures in Science." 
has ​received two Emmy Award nominations


In 2017 Ryan authored the book Science Videos, a 'how-to' manual for successfully communicating science and complex topics with the use of film.  In 2019 he co-authored Lens on Climate Change, a multimedia e-book that brings film production into middle and high school classrooms.

Film Personality

Ryan has hosted several film productions, including Analogue and 120 Seconds of Science.  Most recently he is coproducing Adventures in Science, a made-for-PBS network series, and Breaking Science, a web-based science news show.

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